Baseball Is America 's Favorite Pastime Essay

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Baseball is America’s favorite pastime. Calvin Coolidge even said, “Baseball is our national game!” The history of baseball and the history of the United States go hand-in-hand. In 1860, during a pickup game of baseball, Abraham Lincoln was approached by a messenger with important pre-election news. Abe simply asked him to wait as he did not want to miss his turn at bat! The north and south would even play games of pick-up baseball during the Civil War after a long day of fighting. Now-a-days, American’s pick their favorite teams, or even players. For some, they pick their favorite pitchers. What happens when the favorite pitcher tears his UCL? Society suffers.
Research Question: What effect does revision UCL reconstruction surgery have on pitching performance and return to play compared to age- and- position- matched major league controls?
In the article Pitching Performance and Longevity After Revision Ulnar Collateral Ligament Reconstruction in Major League Baseball Pitchers, they performed a study to evaluate the pitching performance of MLB pitchers who had undergone Tommy John surgery. They started with 43 MLB pitchers who had undergone UCL reconstructive surgery, Tommy John surgery, and then required revision reconstruction between 1996 and 2012. Ten of the forty-three were excluded for various reasons. With the remaining thirty-three, they conducted a case-controlled study. They found the player’s history on open websites and verified the pitcher’s surgeries by…

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