Baseball Is A Sport? Essay

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Baseball is a sport that many consider to be “America’s pastime.” It has been something that has been passed down for generations in families, along with being played across the world. According to Hanson and Ravizza (2007), the players within this specific sport have claimed that they feel the level of performance shown by them is consisting of mental and emotional elements. Since baseball is commonly started at a young age and transformed from the area of deliberate play into practice throughout the development stage of a child, it leaves many opportunities for a person to develop issues that need to be worked upon when they make it to the professional level. The people who surround the athlete throughout their playing career play an influential part in their life, and could determine how they deal with issues as they arise (Makhni, Buza, Byram, & Ahmad, 2014). With the professional world of baseball being as diverse as it is, there is an array of issues that could be affecting a person who plays at the expert level. One of the most common issues that an athlete deals with in this type of career is getting into slumps. It is something that is often heard of, and depending on how long it last could be very detrimental to a player’s career. The professional realm of baseball is one that is very political and driven off ability and talent (Makni et al., 2014). A slump to a player could feel like a six-foot deep hole with no way of escaping. Once in it, depending on the…

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