Baseball As A Professional Major League Baseball Essay

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When I was around the age of 4, I was not really happy about playing sports, especially baseball. I thought baseball was really boring and I’d rather play with my little football men back at home. My father pretty much forced me to play baseball because he wanted to live his dreams of playing professional through my life. Now, 16 years later I absolutely love everything about the game of baseball. So much that I have a job with the Detroit Tigers, who are a professional Major League Baseball team. Playing baseball is really fun because I get to show off my skills, even if I’m not the best on the team. Baseball also has many different terms that I had to learn and am still learning now. That was one of the many reasons in which I did not want to play baseball when I was little. There were so many baseball terms that I had to learn at young age, in which my demanding coach instructed us to learn. The great knowledge of baseball literacy in which I possess is one of the few reasons to why I am playing baseball for a summer team back home. Not only did I learn numerous terms from practicing baseball, but also I gained confidence and met many great people from just the game of baseball. Not only has baseball taught me different terms, it also has let me become connected with people that also enjoy baseball. After showing very little interest in playing baseball when I was 4 years old, there was one game where I actually had fun playing the game. Before, I explain to…

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