Essay about Baseball And Softball Are Different Sports

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You can fall victim to injustice without even knowing it. Logistically, baseball and softball are different sports, although seemingly similar. Confusing them as the same sport seems innocent enough, until you truly begin to understand the differences and why they exist. Baseball is for boys and softball is for girls, this is accepted as fact to a large portion of the American population. The girls’ sport is baseball, but softer. Softball was meant to provide an easier and less complicated alternative to baseball. The difference between a baseball and softball is three inches (Rules of Sport). Those three inches created a legacy of oppression.
If the heroines in Ring’s book were treated fairly, surely such a book would not exist. Men, significantly Spalding, took a widely accepted coed’s game and turned it into a game showcasing masculinity and being a “man maker” (Ring, p. 57). Due to his own insecurities, Spalding turned baseball into a way to prove his worth and his manliness. After all, it sure is hard to prove you are a man when you are getting beat by women. The ironic part of Spalding’s claim is while baseball is decidedly a men’s game, it does not fit the general definition of “manly.” Contact and excessive movement are rare. The majority of the team members stand in the dugout for the greater part of the game. Excellent fitness is not required for baseball player, just look at Babe Ruth. Regardless, the problem with Spalding’s behavior is the significant difference…

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