Baseball And American Cultural Values By Ronald Briley Essay

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The article I chose to read was Baseball and American Cultural Values, which was written by Ronald Briley. This article talks about how the sport of baseball has related to the American culture for a very long time. Split up into three different sub-sections, Briley explains how teachers can use the sport of baseball as an interesting way to the teach about America. The first section talks about how baseball can be used to teach some important aspects of American history. The second second talks about baseball and its connection with racial issues. The final section talks about how baseball relates to capitalism and community in America. Baseball exemplifies many qualities of Americanization. Like Hugh Fullerton says on page 64 of the article, “Basebal is the greatest single force working for Americanization. No other game appeals so much to the foreign-born youngster and nothing, not even schools, teaches the American spirit so quickly, or inculcates the ideas of sportsmanship or fair play as thoroughly”. This previous statement is just a very small portion as to what Briley says baseball can teach us about Americanization. Later in the article Briley talks about how some former professional baseball players who were from foreign countries used the sport as a tool for social mobility. He says this would be good leading example to teach students about immigration. The next part of American History Briley believes baseball be used to teach about is the American dream along…

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