Essay on Bart Layton 's Film, The Imposter

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Bart Layton’s documentary film “The Imposter” employs many film techniques in peaking the curiosity of the audience while telling the story of one man who managed to lie his way into America. “The Imposter” based on a true story, found Frédéric Bourdin, a skilled serial imposter sneaking into America by impersonating Nicholas Barkly, a boy who has been listed as missing for many years. In keeping the audience curious throughout the documentary Layton uses such film techniques as lighting where Layton controls what is depicted in each scene and in what manner by how the lighting displays the scene. As well as the sound design in which purposely placed SFX (Sound Effects) and music are used to highlight or build up an important moment. Which are all portrayed through camera shot choice that is used to hide, reveal or highlight an important object or person in a scene. Each technique including many others help to keep the viewer guessing and curious of what they think will happen next.
Firstly, lighting is particularly important in its careful placement and use, due to lighting’s ability to provoke a natural feel of suspicion and curiosity. As clearly seen in the beginning of the documentary we see the phone box, shrouded in darkness with only one very faint source of light. This immediately provokes the audience to question: Why? What’s happening? And thus get the audience to truly become curious as to what they are looking at and to what might happen next. This technique of…

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