Barry Humphries's Biography Essays

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John Barry Humphries is one of the most remarkable and outstanding Australian who is well-known in many western countries. He was born in Melbourne in 1934. When Barry was still in adolescence, he had already paid much attention to his appearance and spend lots of time to dress up himself. Although his academic performance was not satisactory, he has quickly found an alternative and develop an interest in acting and performing arts. His innate sense of humour has made chemical reaction with his interest and, eventually paved a road for himself.
His first semiformal perofrmance was at the Union Theatre of the Melbourne University in December 1955. That was the first time his creation - Dame Edna Everage appeard in public. He dressed up as
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A famous one is that he pointed at an audience suddenly and said “I'm trying to find a word to describe what you're wearing... affordable!” It is his strangeness that develops a love-hate relationship with all his audiences.
His strangeness does not end with his uproariously funny performance, but also his hilarious dressing. Every time when he is on show, he must dress up exaggeratedly as Dame Edna Everage, a housewife living in Melbourne, or Sir Les Patterson, a foul-spoken Australian cultural attaché. He makes good use of people’s curiosity and tries to keep everybody’s eye on him. He always appear in a high-profile way and from time to time, he will pretend as from royal family, having a royal tour, waving hands to pedestrians in an glamorous car. He is somehow a self-pleased person who always wants spotlight on him.
Despite his strangeness, he is actually a versatile person. Comedian is what he is famous for. He has countless plays such as ‘A night with Dame Edna’ (1979), ‘Look at me when I'm talking to you’ (1996) and ‘Barry Humphries & friends: Back with a vengeance – a new effort.’ (2006). He is, at the same time, an actor. Since 1960s, Barry has appeared in various movies, mainly in supporting or cameo roles. His movies include the ‘Barry McKenzie Holds His Own’ (1974), ‘The Adventures of Barry McKenzie’ (1972), and ‘Finding Nemo’ (2003). In his leisure time, he writes about himself and his creation of character. In 1993, his

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