Barriers to Economic Development in Ghana Essay

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Economic development has to occur after a period of sustained economic growth. It is therefore the growth in total economic output accompanied by changes in the structure of the economy.
There are many barriers to economic development in Ghana. Eight of them are discussed below:
First and foremost, Ghana like most developing countries is enriched with natural resources or deposits but the human capital is not able to transform them to achieve rapid economic growth and development. For economic development to take off in any country, the human resource of the country should be in a position to harness the country’s endowed natural resources to fuel this economic development process. The skills and requisite know how that the human capital
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This has created a gap between the Agricultural sector and the services sector of Ghana. In fact, this is a great barrier to economic growth and development.
In addition, inadequate social and economic infrastructure serves as a hindrance to rapid economic growth and development in Ghana. Many farmers incur post-harvest losses because of unavailability of motorable roads to convey their produce to the market centres for sale. Most perishable crops like tomatoes and other vegetables get rotten in the farms because vehicles are not able to get to the farm centres due to the bad nature of our roads. Moreover, most roads linking cities and towns are in a deplorable state and that matter transportation of goods and services in Ghana does not go on smoothly. The rail transport which is one of the pillars of transportation in developed economies is almost unavailable in the country. A country that lacks good transportation system like Ghana will surely suffer from retardation in economic growth. The supply of social amenities like potable water, electricity, etc is also inadequate in the country. For a country to experience economic growth and development, its people should have access to good drinking water, constant supply of electricity and quality healthcare but these social amenities are woefully inadequate in Ghana. Lack of potable water brings about water borne diseases to the

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