Barriers to Critical Thinking Essay

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Name : Dinesh S/O Raja Kumar Course: UTB 1122
ID No : 1000222 Date : 4th August 2013
______________________________________________________________________________Academic Essay: Factors That Influence the Lack of Critical Thinking Skills
Critical thinking is a rich concept that has been developing throughout the past 2500 years. Critical thinking is the intellectually disciplined process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing and evaluating information gathered from observation as a guide to belief and action. Critical thinking skills are important because they enable students “to deal effectively with social, scientific, and practical
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Part of the reason for a decline in critical thinking skills could be a decrease in academic rigor (Arum, 2009). The possible reason for a decline in academic rigor is that the principal evaluation of faculty performance comes from student evaluations at the end of the semester. Besides that, students prefer spending lesser time on education but prefer more on entertainment. For instance, only “44 percent of students had aligned ambitions” (Arum, 2011), meaning that they expected to attain as much education as was typically required of their intended occupation. By the same token, mental laziness has a huge blow on students’ losing the ability to think critically. If students lose the ability to think critically, it means there is no hope for survival for the students and the students would not be able to face their future undertakings. Last but not least, the other cardinal factor that influences the lack of critical thinking skills is poor language. “Critical thinking is also claimed to be important in the acquisition of language skills particularly writing and reading” (Abdul Rashid & Awang Hashim, 2008). Students with poor language communications do not own the capabilities to convey messages clearly to the receiver. Besides that, people who speak different languages actually think differently, based on the language in which they construct their thoughts. For instance, students from Asian countries are not proficient in English, since English is not their

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