Barriers to Effective Communication Essay

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Carol Teinchek & Bruce Marshall have first started Sundown Bakery. As the business grows, Carol hired two assistant to help her who is Marina from El Salvador and Kim a korean guy. Bruce also hired Maurice a French Canadian as a master baker in Sundown Bakery. Within the next year, two new shops and two kiosks stall have opened; Hans Mikelson was hired as a operation manager. Mikelson have implemented dress code for all employee and employee manual for new employee. All of these changes were announced in memo and distribute to employees. However, Mikelson’s memos have created some issues, experienced worker were furious about receiving orders from bureaucrats and new employee barely knew Bruce and Carol. Besides that, there
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The context here refers to the environment or situation during communication process take place. Lastly, noise is one of the barriers to effective communication, it refers to interference in the communication process.
The main causes of resentment over the employee manual and uniforms by the Sundown bakery is the ineffectiveness communication used to communicate the important messages & employee manual. The communication was first started with Mikelson (sender), he inform the employees about the changes in the organization such as the employee manual and uniform through the memos. Mikelson’s idea on employee manual is to save time to give orientation for the new employee whereas the uniform is to make sure employee looks consistent (message). During the decoding stage of communication process, some of the workers interpret the massage wrongly and resulted to misunderstand. The employee manual and uniform concept is rejected by the old time employees because the communication was in the bureaucratic form, they feel they are dominated by Mikelson and forced to accept the new ideas (decoding). As a result, they feel furious about the decision made by Mikelson, thus caused the resentment over the changes (feedback). The improper channel used and cultural differences (noise) may also caused resentment. Communication through memo reduces the interaction between employee and employer and it might left out some important information that caused misinterpretation

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