Barriers To Effective Communication Essay

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Register to read the introduction… Where people from the same backgrounds with similar experiences will see and hear things in a similar way, where as one person from a certain culture entertaining a visitor from another culture or country may say something which is totally misinterpreted from the visitor. This can be down to language barriers, slang/jargon etc, an example of this would be an English man saying in conversation to an Australian “I’m just going to put on my flip flops” but understood to the Australian as he’s going to wear a thong!


Identify barriers to effective communication

Stage Barriers and difficulties
Information Children or young children may have language difficulties; they may find it hard to express themselves in oral or written forms.



Explain how to access extra support or services to enable individuals to communicate effectively.

There are several of services that can be accessed to support communication. These include: Interpreters,
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An example of this could be that a child may tell his carer that their parents have stolen equipment at home, the question would be do we believe the child balanced against the trust which would break down between the nursery and parents if information was passed onto the police, especially if it turned out not to be true. Where as if the child said they were being physically abused, then it would be an easy choice as any parent, would understand why the allegation was reported through the correct channels, if only to be found to be false they would understand why it was done even though it would not be liked. This area is complicated if it’s a concern about a fellow

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