Barriers Of Effective Communication Skills Essay

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Barriers in effective communication skill have become the main problems in the construction industry. This will cause communication in project team as project manager is failing to communicate with team members and may lead to project failure. There is an article wrote by Eric Garner (1996), he proposed the barriers to effective communication skill consists of physical barriers, perceptual barriers, emotional barriers, interpersonal barriers and language barriers. Nonetheless, there are other barriers which are not emphasized as barriers in the communication.

2.6.1 Emotional Barriers

Emotions include anger, love, joy, frustration, disappointment and sadness which create emotional barriers that affect communication negatively. An emotional sender or receiver can hinder effective communication (Miller, 2011). Emotions also influence the effectiveness of communication as humans often based on their feelings first before brains. Somehow, human beings accentuate feelings when doing decision-making same goes in communication. They prefer to follow their feelings without thinking the consequences if the wrong interpretation of words. For example, a listener who may not like the speaker may misinterpret the words came out from the speaker. According to Hollon et al. (2002), barriers in receiving mental health and behavioural care are identified as a big problem in the delivery for services. The statement can be the evidence to show emotional plays the important role for…

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