Essay about Barriers Of A Child And Family Welfare Agent

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It takes a lot of time and hard work to achieve the position of a Child and family welfare agent. Providing services to the populations takes a lot of skill, research, and compassion. Starting out in the human services field can be scary, intimidating, and difficult. Reaching out to the community and providing services is more than just helping a person in need. To reach to potential needed to become a supervisor, director, or possibly an executive director of a human services agency, one must first start at the beginning by serving the clients in need with effective coordination within the community and with encouragement. To be effective, it is important to get to get to know the community and its resources and it is important for the HSP to be familiar with what resources the community has to offer. There are several barriers that exist today that may prevent many people from getting the help they deserve. It is important for a HSP to effectively organize services for each client based on their unique needs to overcome barriers. Some of these barriers may include language barriers, financial issues, substance abuse, problems within the family, etc. Knowing the culture surrounding the HSP and the social problems are vital in providing services that best meet the community needs. Sometimes, doing volunteer work at local shelters or support groups, helps an agent to learn what the clients need most. The HSP can get to know the members of the community and…

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