Barriers in Imc Essay

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“Integrated marketing communications are far from reality in most companies. A number of strong barriers prevent IMC from being implemented quickly and efficiently.”- De Pelsmacker

Managing Marketing Communications



Integrated Marketing Communications, (IMC) has been one of the major communications developments in the last decade of the 20th century (Kitchen & Schultz 1999, 2000) It is regarded as a fundamental paradigm shift in the thinking and practice of marketing communications. Although marketing communications has been used as the umbrella term to group various communication functions, it is IMC that brings strategic integration to these functional areas, to reach consumers
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Vertical Integration: It occurs when marketing and communication objectives support higher level corporate objectives and missions. Internal Integration: It occurs when internal marketing keeps all staff informes and motivated about corporate identities, new developments and promotions, new service standards, new strategic partners and so on. External Integration: It occurs when external partners, such as ad agencies & PR agencies, closely work together to deliver a seamless, cohesive, singular solution- a thoroughly integrated message.

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IMC, for most organisations is a goal worth pursuing as they realise that multiple communication tools in conjunction with one another can produce greater results than tools used individually, and in this era of ‘noise’ surrounding the consumer, only integrated campaigns can break through the clutter. Some salient features of IMC are:         Clearly defined marketing communication objectives Management of all forms of contact Range of target audiences Range of promotional tools Range of messages Range of media Planned approach Incorporate all product/brand(unitised) & ‘corporate’ marketing

Stages in IMC development


Synergy The most important benefit of implementing IMC is synergy. The 2+2=5 phenomenon. IMC attempts to combine, integrate and synergise elements of

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