Barriers And Critical Thinking Skills Essay

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Barriers to Critical Thinking

Do you ever contemplate why it is numerous individuals (possibly even yourself) often tend to deviate from employing efficacious critical thinking skills? The answer to this inquiry is quite simplistic in nature. There are, in fact, innumerable sources of deterrents that merely serve to impede one’s ability to think critically, which consist of two, boundless categories. Elaborating, the two categories of critical thinking hindrances include Internal Barriers and External Barriers. While there 's a multitude of “shaping agents” (Ridel, 2015), that thwarts thinking perspicaciously, it’s imperative to ascertain the capability of identifying barriers, alongside replacing external and modifying internal encumbrances.

Explication Concerning Barriers to Thinking Critically To elucidate, Ridel (2015, p. 26) explains the origination of barriers as follows:

"Your ability to think critically, like the formation of opinions, attitudes, values and goals, is influenced by your social environment and the collective actions of shaping agents that define it. Some configurations promote you to develop your critical thinking skills - while other arrangements thwart your ability to become a critical thinker."

Simply stated, we aren’t born with the impediments that foil our critical…

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