Barna`S Claims Essay

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Barna`s claims that language, nonverbal communication and high anxiety are stumbling blocks in intercultural communication are supported by experience.
As we all know intercultural communication can be very stressful and create uncomfortable moments, when someone speaks to a person from a different cultural without knowing or able to speak the same language, sometimes can make things more difficult and could end up creating problems because the other person didn`t not understand what they meant. In today`s society people don`t need to leave there house or go a day without speaking to a person from another country, so is very easy to live this experience in a daily basis. In the essay “Intercultural Communication Stumbling Blocks” LaRay M.
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I say sometimes because many Koreans entertain their guest on their porches and still are considered to be hospitable, and in the Korean sense, going into the room may be more intimate act than it would be in English sense” (42). As you see language is one of the most common communication problems that we have today.
When I first came to the US I found myself with another issue which was a nonverbal communication problem and that happened to me in my first day of work at a restaurant, since I didn`t speak any English one of my first job duties was to wash dishes, so imagine the dish washer coming into the restaurant and kiss the owner, yes you read that right the owner of restaurant I went and gave her a kiss because that is very normal in my country but I found that very quickly that is not the point here so I almost got fired. Now to give one more example I remember working for a roofing company and had a manager from Honduras, one day I was working on one of the many roofs that would do in a daily bases and I ask him where my hammer was and I look at him and I see him throwing kisses at me and I didn`t know what to do or what he meant but I ask him again and he got mad at me because he was busy and told me off, the next day I ask my

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