Barn Burning By William Faulkner Essay

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In “Barn Burning” by William Faulkner, follows the protagonist, Colonel Sartoris Snopes, also known as Sarty, a small ten year old boy. As well as his father, Abner, a serial arsonist who is violent and tries to teach Sarty to be loyal. Also Sarty’s mom, Lennie, who is very caring; she tries to teach Sarty about being moral and kind. The story follows them as they are run out of town due to Abner burning down someone’s barn because of a dispute over escaping farm animals. While he is not convicted, they are forced to leave town. When they find a new home and a place to stay Abner is continuing his old antics. Sarty is changed and tested by multiple events in the story. First, he has morals and knows what his father has been doing is wrong. Second, Abner becomes increasingly aggressive and hits him. Third, he gets tired of moving and being scared of his father. Sarty is changed and tested by the events in the story and changes near the end. One way the protagonist, Sarty, is changed and tested throughout the story, is being tested by his own morals towards his father’s criminal actions. When Abner burns down the first barn, Sarty is conflicted on whether to lie about his father burning the barn or to tell the truth if he is called to testify against him in court. He knows it was wrong but knows his father wants him to lie and he has to for his well being. He says, “He aims for me to lie, and I will have to do it” (Faulkner 173). He is conflicted between his own moral…

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