Barn Burning Argument Essay

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Barn Burning Argument

"He went on down the hill toward the dark woods within which the liquid silver voices of the birds called unceasing- the rapid and urgent beating of the urgent and quiring heart of the late spring night. He did not look back." Sarty's final decision in Barn Burning is usually said to represent his decision to uphold truth over family. However, Sarty's decision is hasty and has little benefit. His choice essentially consists of fleeing his problems; probably not the best option in terms of seeking truth. It is apparent that his father Abner is most likely dead, "knowing it was too late yet still running even after he heard the shot, and an instant later, two shots…" Sarty's family now faces the world without
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Pap!" "Father. My Father, he thought. "He was brave!" Although Abner created a false image of himself for Sarty to admire, Sarty still felt an emotional connection with his father. More interesting, is the fact that Abner would create a false personality for himself; he must have at least cared about what his family felt for him.
Sarty accomplishes little by turning his back on his family. He has no idea where he is going and he already cold and hungry. At the age of 10 it is unlikely he could provide for himself unless he finds another family to take him in. Instead he should go back to his family and ensure their livelihood; otherwise Sarty's actions may be the cause of the end of his entire family. By telling Major de Spain of the impending doom of his barn Sarty has won the respect of the community; he need not worry about shame. If Abner is still alive Sarty would face the ultimate truth by convincing his father that his actions hurt the family. Also, at a later age Sarty could physically challenge his father and prevent his abuse. The least Sarty can do is attempt to make his current situation better instead of just leaving the situation entirely. What truth exists in

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