Barn Burning And By Diaz 's Fiesta, Family Bonds Essay

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Family is one of the most important bonds that we all need. These bonds are formed at birth, and our families are meant to stay united through every possible situation. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Sometimes family bonds lessen due to a variety of factors, but in Faulkner’s Barn Burning and in Diaz’s Fiesta, family bonds are put to the test because of each of the fathers’ poor decisions. In Barn Burning, the father’s pyromania forces the family to have to leave town and start a new life somewhere else, and their new life goes up in flames shortly after moving. On the other hand, in Fiesta, Junior seems to be the only one who knows and cares about his father’s mistress, and this knowledge sickens Junior, and it is also the leading factor in his confusion in life. Both of these stories use the characterization of the fathers and symbolism to help display the theme. Fiesta also uses setting to show the theme, but Barn Burning uses the setting as evidence towards the father’s characterization. In both of these stories, the authors suggest that when we come across a struggle between family and morality, that we should stick with the choice that keeps our families together. Both of the young boys in Fiesta and Barn Burning struggle against their fathers, who are each characterized as cruel. In Fiesta, Junior tells us that it is normal for him and his siblings to be physically hurt by his father. After his father finds out that Junior ate before they were supposed…

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