Barefoot Spirit Essay

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List at least 7 practical lessons that can be summarized in a sentence Provide an anecdote from the history of Barefoot Wines that illustrates each of the nuggets you identify.
1. When you get into a corner you say “Hey, look, a puppy!” – Although this sounds a bit silly, it is a great lesson when you are in a board room or in a meeting and backed into a corner with nowhere to go. You simply change the subject to release the tension and focus on something else that will possibly lead to some solutions instead of going down the same path over and over. When Michael was in the meeting at Souverain to try and get some of Mark Lyons money back from money they owed him for his 1984 crop and realized that this winery had absolutely no money
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When the hotel received the package they checked the system and had no Michael Houlihan checked in so they refused it. From then on they took that mistake of not having the wine delivered and made sure that every package that was sent to a hotel beforehand that it was completely covered on all sides giving the information necessary of who and how to deliver it and who to contact if they had questions or problems. This fixed the multiple mistakes that were made related to this issue happening and was a valuable lesson for everyone.

Describe the key elements of Michael and Bonnie’s approach to marketing and distributing their product. What do you think is so special about their approach?
The main key element to their marketing approach was to do what felt good and spend no money doing it. Since they had no budget and they loved donating to charities and local events already, it made perfect sense for them to do what is now called Worthy Cause Marketing. It was amazing to see how they leveraged the fact that they were pouring wine at an event to have the stores around the location buy cases of Barefoot simply because once they tasted it they were going to love it and look in their store to buy it. It was a win win win situation! The reason that their approach is so special is because they really had to think out of the box when it came to getting their name out there and how to get into new

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