Barclays Case Study

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Coursework 1 - Microeconomic concepts

Every organization has to analyze its business environment before making policies and strategies for its day to day operations, marketing and promotional efforts, and competing with the industry
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To survive successfully, Barclays ensures that all its strategic decisions are effective enough to compete with those of competitors Barclays is ranked among the Top 4 banks in the United Kingdom with the Standard Chartered Bank, The HSBC Group, and The Lloyds Banking Group. Being a large scale banking company having operations all over the United Kingdom, Barclays has to keep itself abreast of the changes in its external environment and strategize to encounter any potential factors that may affect its business operations in a negative way. With an analysis of its internal and external environment, Barclays gets acquainted with the key issues, threats, and opportunities present in its own organizational setup as well as in the banking industry of the United …show more content…
The Interest rates are subject to changes as per the Central bank's policies. Barclays adheres to these policies and regulations set by the U.K. Government (Barclays 2012). Sudden changes in laws and regulations also affect the marketing and business strategies of Barclays. For example, the Government can impose any new law or statutory requirement any time which Barclays must have to follow. To prove itself a responsible corporate entity, Barclays is duly adhering to all the laws, regulations, policies, and procedures (Wilson 2002). For example; the Equal Employment Opportunity laws, environmental protection law, the marketing and business ethics, etc. Barclays has designed its marketing strategies according to the requirements of the Law and the ethics followed in the business world. It does not include any contents, text, or visuals which may hamper the feelings or emotions of any class or religion of the society where it operates (Ritchie & Crouch

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