Barbie 's Just A Simple Toy Essay

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Every single person in the American culture had seen a barbie. The barbie’s just a simple toy. Well started just as a simple toy and it grew and grew. The barbie’s a doll. It 's created to represent young adults girls or teenagers. The body is shaped way different than an ordinary “doll.” This type of doll has a skinny body, shaped body, and very catalyst. Barbie’s debut as the “teenage fashion model” mirrored the sophisticated glamour of 1950s stars like Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth, and Elizabeth Taylor. Also, the barbie has donning high arched brows, red lips, a flirty ponytail with curly bangs,and sideways glance. At the time barbie was represented as a white skin and blond doll, Even her figure was high fashion and model look. The doll has long slim legs and a narrow waist and hips. Many mothers agree with buying with type of toy to their daughters and many don’t. Many believe that this type of doll makes little girls believe what 's expected for them to look once they are older. The history of the barbie is unique and how it has raised and raise till present. The barbie was created by Ruth Handler. Ruth occasionally observes her daughter Barbara playing with paper dolls. Barbara her daughter and her friends used them to play adult or teenage lifestyle, imagining roles as college students, cheerleaders, and adults with careers. Ruth immediately recognized that opportunity she had coming up in her future. From a safe distance through pretend play was an…

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