Barbie 's Impact On The World Essay

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Since Barbie’s arrival in 1959, Mattel has sold over 1 billion dolls, making her the most successfully sold doll of all time. 1 billion girls have pretended to be flight attendants, cheerleaders, re-enacted marriages to Ken, cut her hair off, painted her face with magic markers, took clothes on and off, and exhausted every possibility of performative play. At the time of Barbie 's global invasion, feminists, scholars, psychologist, and parents, contributed to the discourse about her detriment with the universal message that Barbie gives conflicting messages about body image and how a girl should take space in the world. In like manner, many have come to her defense. She’s just a doll, right? No, she is an indestructible brand allowing no doll to come close to her in sales and global visibility. It wasn’t until 2001, that Jasmin, Cloe, Jade, Sasha and Raya, otherwise known as Bratz dolls came on to Market. Designed by Carter Bryant, Barbie 's sales have been gradually declining as Bratz has risen to a global brand of equal proportions. Just like Barbie, Bratz has entered into multiple controversies. First of all, the dolls are noticeably thinner than barbie and dressed up to look like grown women getting ready for a night of clubbing, draped in mini skirts, and thigh high boots. Criticism over the brand being labeled “too sexy” for children as well as the doll’s body type being unrealistic are front and center of the conversation.
Presently, a surge of female artists are…

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