Barbie Doll Stereotypes

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The first 20 years in the life of a female are the most important for cognitive development. During these critical years, the limbic system, which controls the emotional control of the brain, is growing and they are likely to feel more emotional than normal. Females are most influenced during this time due to the incomplete limbic system, hormones and the desire to discover themselves; a time otherwise known as adolescence. These years become the building block to the person they will become; it is important that they surround themselves with people that are a positive influence and an environment that fosters growth. Unfortunately for many females, this is not the case. Everywhere you look, there are harmful messages that teach girls to degrade themselves on a daily basis. A few of those messages come from Barbie dolls, beauty pageants and social media. Barbie dolls have negatively affected girls since they were invented by Mattel’s co-founder, Ruth Handler in 1945. Handler 's inspiration for the doll was a sexy gag gift doll aimed at men. She enjoyed the idea of an adult role model doll and decided to create one of her own. On Barbie’s website …show more content…
Social media is also home to cyber bullying. Studies show, 34% of teenages experience cyber bullying in their lives(Justin Patchin).Often times, when there is no face to face confrontation, it is easier for people to be mean and use degrading words. Teenagers tend to “Face Book” their problems, rather than facing them. Cyber bullying could possibly lead to depression, and in some cases, suicide. Aside from the aimed bullying, social media is hard to correct because a lot of the posts that harm females self esteem, are not actually bad. It is the girl 's mind that turns social media into the the horrible thing it is today. To prevent such issues, there should be pages that teach girls that it is all in their head and that everyone is

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