Barbara's Themes In The Lottery, By Shirly Jackson

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Barbara’s quote is shown in the story, “The Lottery”, by Shirly Jackson. “The Lottery is about a small village that has a strange custom. Every year, before the harvesting season, they hold a drawing, or a lottery. At the beginning of the story, it seems innocent enough, but as the story goes on, it becomes apparent that the drawing may be a little more sinister than previously believed. In a twist ending, one of the women in the town, who wins the lottery, is the target of a stoning that was the true outcome of winning the lottery. The reason for having the lottery is simply that it is a tradition passed on for generations. It is meant to be a good omen for the impending harvest. Barbara’s idea is shown many times throughout the story. One example of Barbara’s idea is just in the fact that all of the people blindly accept the lottery. No one, except the person who is going to get stoned, questions the lottery, even though everyone knows that it does not work, and no one knows how, or why it got started. “The Lottery” is an extreme example of how accepting others, and in the case of “The Lottery”, ancestors, can lead to disaster. However, the story did show a great example of peoples’ will to blindly …show more content…
“Without Title” is narrated by a girl, and is about the traditions her father can no longer be a part of after the buffalo were wiped out. Her family is native american, and can no longer participate in traditions that they used to after the buffalo, their main source of materials, is killed off by white hunters. The poem is basically showing that the hunters did not accept their people, or their way of life, and killed off all of the buffalo. “Without Title” is a big example of Barbara’s quote, because the whole poem is implying that the lost power of the native americans is because of the white people killing off the buffalo, and the white peoples’ nonacceptance of their

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