Barack Obama's Speech: Giving Up An Education

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“Almost 70 million children across the world are prevented from going to school…” (Shepherd) As stated by, an abundant amount of children don’t have access to an education, and therefore have less of an advantage than those given one. On September 8, 2009 Barack Obama gave a speech to Wakefield High School students to inform them on how crucial an education is. Obama explains to the impressionable students that without an education it is almost impossible to succeed in life. Copious amounts of American students throw away a free but priceless education, not considering the consequences. The 44th president of the United States himself had a rough childhood and discusses that though there were many obstacles thrown at him he was still able to succeed. Obama gives numerous examples of those who had a difficult childhood that managed to succeed and stated what happened to those who gave up. Barack Obama’s argument in his speech to the classes was effective not …show more content…
Obama himself went through a rough childhood and knows first hand why giving up an education isn’t worth it. Even though students around the United States go through difficult situations Obama proficiently explains how getting an education is possible. It is proven that the chance of succeeding in life without an education is highly unlikely. Consequently, Obama decided that it was important to tell students the harsh reality of life. The effect of stating that laziness won’t lead to a proficient future, properly scared and motivated students to stay in school. To refute any counter-arguments Obama also explained why students deserve the blame for their poor actions. Conclusively, Obama effectively explained why an education is the only way to a prosperous

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