Essay on Barack Obama 's Presidential Election

1020 Words Aug 8th, 2016 5 Pages
If a fortune teller could foresee the future, would the world be at war due to Donald Trump’s presidency, or led to harmonious unity by president Hillary Clinton? As it currently stands, Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton are the two presidential candidates fighting on the front lines to win the United States’s 2016 Presidential Election. However, so far Hillary Clinton seems to be the most likely candidate to win due to having immense amounts of backing, an ignorant, radical campaign rival, and standing strong in the midst of adversity.

Throughout her campaign, Hillary Clinton has gained support from many corners of the country, from average citizens to major political heads to country-wide organizations. Average citizens have come to embrace her candidacy as president for she “calls for a higher minimum wage, 12 weeks paid leave for a chronically ill worker or parent of a newborn, more funds for job training and education and a $275 billion infrastructure plan” which would improve home and work lives for many as well as their commutes (Hunt) . Once her campaign started to gain mass amounts of popularity, organizations such as Planned Parenthood, who “gave her it’s first endorsement in their 100-year history” (Colvin), and “several of the nation 's largest labor organizations, including the AFL-CLO and United Auto Workers” (Nakamura), began to show their support. Soon after Clinton clinched enough votes to become the Democratic nominee, both Bernie…

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