Essay about Barack Obama 's Presidential Election

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Rarely have American Presidential elections been both as consequential and riveting as the one that took place in 2008. Affairs, incompetence, corruption and economic catastrophe were all issues that defined that race, which took place at the end of a very unpopular George W. Bush’s final term. Because Bush had been so unpopular, it was seen in the eyes of the press, and perhaps the American people, that the next President would be from the Democratic primary. For years, Hillary Clinton, a US Senator from New York and wife of past President Bill Clinton, had been viewed as the frontrunner of the Democratic Party. In fact, Clinton wanted to run against Bush in opposition to his reelection in 2004, but was convinced to do otherwise by her daughter, Chelsea, on the principal that she finish at least one term as the Senator from New York, which she had promised voters she would do upon election in that state. When the primary began, though, Clinton faced an unexpected challenger – US Senator from Illinois, Barack Obama. Obama was unexpected in that he was a young, inexperienced politician, and perhaps more so because he had been an ally to Hillary Clinton. For years, Obama had depended on Clinton, a veteran politician, as an advisor and confident in the Senate; in fact, Clinton had picked out Obama as an inspiring and capable politician, and in fact campaigned for his senate election in Illinois. Still, Clinton, as well as the media, considered herself to be the imminent…

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