Barack Obama 's President Of The United States Essays

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When Barack Obama announced his candidacy for President of the United States, I personally, believed that he had little chance of winning and as I addressed in my book, “On the Shoulders of Greatness,” he wasn’t my original choice for President.
I was and continue to be a big supporter of Hillary Clinton because I believe she is a strong, extremely qualified and extraordinary woman. Her strengths and capabilities have been reflected on so many levels in both her personal life and in her political career.

However; as time passed, I came to realize the significance of voting for Barack Obama not only from a historical point of view but he appeared to be the right choice and the catalyst we needed to unite the country and both parties.

His failure to unite the country and the Democratic and Republican Party isn’t completely his fault. The reality is that change can’t occur if the people you’re trying to unite are continuously setting up barriers. People have to be willing to participate in constructive dialogue for changes and improvements to occur.
I don’t believe that President Obama envisioned that he would be confronted with so much opposition as he has seen as President of the United States.
However, I believe that early on, President Barack Obama made a series of errors in judgments in his cabinet choices and his picks for advisors and it nearly derailed his Presidency.
This included the financial advisers that he chose to assist him at the beginning of…

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