Essay on Barack Obama 's President Obama

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President Barrack Obama was voted into office in 2008 and reelected in 2012. Coming into office President Obama made a lot of promises and gave hope to many Americans who were suffering during the time of President Bush. Through both of his terms he tried his hardest to keep all of the promises he made. He implemented laws and policies to help relieve people in the workforce of their long work hours through Obama care and he tried to raise the government budget by making a health care reform. With these policies, among a few others, Obama intended to help lower class families have a much better quality of life. In the beginning everything sounded great. There were a few people who believe that he would become the worst president of all time, but not matter what anyone believed all we could do was wait. Now that President Obama 's last term in office is almost over the American citizens are starting to voice their opinion or whether or not he was the president that America needed or someone that should be written off in the history books as another mediocre president that accomplished nothing. No matter what the popular opinion is, facts are facts and the facts state that President Barrack Obama was a good president. To realize how well President Obama preformed as president, the condition of the United States when President Obama was elected must be known. Before President Obama was elected the U.S had a notoriously bad president, George W. Bush. President Bush left Obama…

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