Barack Obama 's President Obama Essay

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It could be argued that medical breakthroughs, technological advances, and various other advancements surpass politics in importance. I, on the other hand, argue that politics determines if such achievements benefit the people. Each country’s greatness is inherently dependent upon its politicians to make wise political decisions that will allow the entire nation to prosper. This is especially true in America, where democracy allows citizens to choose their leaders. In November of 2008 and 2012, Americans used this democratic process to elect Barack Hussein Obama II as their president. Like every other president before him, Barack Obama is by no means perfect. There have been times within these eight years where the hope-and-change mantra that propelled Obama into presidency seemed like cruel fiction. Regardless, his many accomplishments have changed the course of history. During his two terms as president, Obama’s use of government intervention was beneficial to the U.S. economy as a whole. In 2012, Senator Tom Harkin introduced the "Rebuild America Act” which aimed at accomplishing two goals: helping young adults get a quality education and allowing American manufacturers to take part in a competitive global market (Brodwin, 2012). The Rebuild America Act and bills similar to it raised questions about what role the government ought to play in the U.S. economy. According to many, there should be no role. Those who hold this view believe that when government steps in,…

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