Barack Obama 's President Obama Essay example

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For this assignment I chose to research President Barack Obama. President Obama has many accomplishments being president as well as many before becoming president. Barack Obama was born August 4, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii to his mother, Stanley Dunham; a Caucasian woman from Kansas and his father Barack Obama, Sr. was African American from Kenya. Shortly after Presient Obama was born his mother and father split and divorced in 1964. His mother and father were both educated with degrees and his mother Stanley pushed him to go to college. His father ended up passing away in a car accident when President Obama was 21 years of age. After high school, Obama began to decide what route he wanted to go in life and ended up moving to Los Angeles, California to attend a small college there. Later on moved to New York to attend Coloumbia University. This is where he majored in poitical science with a minor in international relations. This sparked his interest in the political realm. After graduating Columbia University, in 1985 he became the Director of the Developing Communities Project in Chicago, Illinois. He worked here for several years helping people with college prep and job training for the surrouding communities. In 1988, President Obama got accepted into Harvard Law School and worked as an editor of the Harvard Law Review during his first year there and President of the Harvard Law Review during his second year.(Boston Globe, 1990) By becoming the president of the Harvard…

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