Barack Obama 's Impact On The United States Essay

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Obama Synthesis

In the three gathered articles by authors Bill Chappell, Peter Baker, and Michael Shear, Barack Obama have made decisions as president that would affect the United States from now until the end of time. The main subcategories that his presidency have been divided into is war, education, and work. Examples of his choices that had an impact included abandoning ranking systems for colleges and universities, continuing the war over in Iraq, and demanding federal contractors to apply paid sick leaves to company employees. These recent events have split and separated the ideas of the citizens of America on whether Obama 's presidency were beneficial or detrimental to the American society. President Barack Obama’s current decisions with education, work, and the war effort would forever have an effect on the future outcome of the United States of America.

In Peter Baker 's article, he reported that four years ago Barack Obama continued his efforts to pull out of Iraq, instead he watched the U.S. collapse into disagreements and renewed war with Islamic radicals. Most people assumed that the president would revive himself but Obama’s following procedure to withdraw all American troops from Afghanistan other than a tiny contingent by the time he withdrew office, always struck national security experts in both political parties as unjustified. In his educational department, Obama decided to abandon his idea of categorizing 7,000 institutions of higher leveled…

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