Barack Obama 's Impact On The Economy Essay

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The United States has faced many problems in recent years: the economy has not completely recovered from the recession since 2007, racial issues have risen in many states, gender equality has not been achieved, etc. This nation used to be one of the countries with the strongest economy, but now it is lagging behind due to the lack of improvement. Throughout the presidential candidates’ campaigns and debates, the presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, have proposed many plans for our current economy. Although their approaches to this matter are completely different, they both have the same goal – that is to improve the state of our economy. Aside from the bright side of their promises, Clinton’s and Trump’s plans can also affect the economy negatively.
Hillary Clinton’s proposals focus on building the economy from its base. She cares about the lower class instead of focusing on the upper class like Donald Trump does. According to NPR, during the speech at Futuramic Tool & Engineering, Clinton said, “And my mission in the White House will be to make our economy work for everyone, not just those at the top” (Keith et al.). She shares her vision of improving the economy and the people’s life by making big companies do profit-sharing and covering corporate loopholes. According to NPR, Clinton stated:
Right now, when a corporation outsources jobs and production, it can write off the costs. We must stop that, and we must make them pay back tax breaks they ever…

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