Barack Obama 's Budget Request For Nasa Amounted Essay examples

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As astronauts and researchers push beyond their previous limits, they encounter greater perils and expenditures; the mounting challenges are a major concern for future endeavors into space. Keeping proper maintenance and performing repairs becomes more arduous as people advance further in space (Spotts). Unexpected hindrances can often threaten the life of the humans who are stranded out of reach of assistance. Deducing solutions to impediments located light years away becomes nearly impossible at times; countries will often have to choose between to abandoning their mission or spending even more money. In 2012, President Barack Obama’s budget request for NASA amounted to $18.7 billion (Bolden). NASA is depleting the country of billions of dollars in order to continue its space program. The cost of hiring employees, buying materials, making repairs, and buying fuel accumulates when it comes to managing a space exploration program.
However, there is more to space exploration than the money and risks; for many years, countries have expanded their space programs despite the aforementioned factors because of the intelligence gained. If Christopher Columbus had decided that building three ships to sail him across the Atlantic Ocean was too extravagant, he never would have discovered America. Certainly, Lewis and Clark never would have gone on the Corps of Discovery had they let trepidation of the obscure lands impede them. Discoveries provide opportunities for humans to expand…

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