Barack Obama 's A More Perfect Union Essay

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We have fought, we have argued, and we have compromised,yet we continue to have racial barriers. Throughout the years racial tensions have altered with the world around us. In Maya Angelou’s “Graduation”, we see her vision of America relating to racial barriers from 1969, in Barack Obama’s “A More Perfect Union” he portrays his visions of America in relation to racial barriers from 2008; although addressing similar topics, Obama’s and Angelou’s visions in which they depict vary immensely. While explaining their visions of racial barriers in relation to unity within America through imagery, powerful syntax, and anecdotes, Angelou and Obama agree upon the segregation barriers, however, their approaches upon changing racial barriers for the sake of unity within America oppose one another more than not.
In their common visions of the effect of racial barriers on unity, Angelou and Obama both address the school system. They agree upon the fact that schools of primarily ethnic minorities are consistently less superior when compared to predominantly white schools. When comparing the segregated schools Angelou believes that, “ Unlike the white high school (the black school) distinguished itself by having neither lawn, nor hedges, nor tennis courts…” (Angelou 28) Through her imagery, Angelou shows the depraved nature of her own school when set side by side to the central (white) school; hence, supporting that racial barriers from the school system are destroying chances of unity.…

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