Barack Obama And Donald Trump Essay

1170 Words Nov 9th, 2016 5 Pages
The 2016 Presidential race has been anything but normal in the eyes of many Americans, both voters and nonvoters. The race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump started off untraditional and, as November 8th proved, ended in a surprise. Donald J. Trump is now the President-elect of the United States of America, but does not have the popular vote. Using Craig Allen Smith’s Presidential Campaign Communication as a touchstone, I will try to examine how this seemingly decided election surprised many people. Starting out, Hillary Clinton was already a well-known figure in American politics. She has served as First Lady, a Senator in New York, and Secretary of State and has been a figure on the political scene, visibly, since the 90s. Her actions have been well documented and her rapport with the American populace. Hillary Clinton and politics are synonymous. In contrast, Donald Trump started as a business tycoon turned reality television star that has been venturing into the political sphere for a few decades now. Thus these candidates surfaced in different ways, at different times. The nomination process was a cluster of confusion as Donald Trump’s fresh ideas and anti-establishment perspective left his opponents at a loss as they sought to combat his new way of speaking in a political context. The different thing about immediately was the way he spoke candidly and without the ‘filter’ of political correctness. This departure from normal political speak left his opponents…

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