Barack Clinton And Donald Trump Essay

1098 Words Nov 30th, 2016 5 Pages
Each individual political party in the United States of America has ideals for what they believe will benefit the country through economic policy. Typically, the Republican party is fiscally conservative while the Democratic party is fiscally liberal, however, these terms are arbitrary without understanding what they each represent. Republicans will generally stick with a few consistent ideas such as opposition to many regulations, work to lower taxes, the privatization of currently public entities, and general reduced government spending. Alternatively, Democrats tend to focus on what they call “middle-end prosperity” *cite*, they believe in cutting the deficit through stimulus, and that the government can help the country’s economic sector by investing in American workers. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump share similar views to their party.

As a Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton shares many principles that are common amongst her party. She believes that middle class workers take on an unfair and disproportionate share of the tax burden, as such she would raise the taxes on the wealthy for them to pay a more reasonable percentage of taxes based on their income. Eliminating multiple tax loopholes that are often utilized by the upper class and wealthy citizens will be an ideal way to accomplish the former issue. Many of these loopholes are utilized solely by the wealthiest American’s to not pay in similar percentages of taxes to the IRS. To stimulate economic growth in…

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