Informative Essay On Barabas

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Mini serial `Barabas`

Introduction : This serial talks about thief and criminal from Jesus`s time, Barabas. Barabas is also known as New Testament`s actor, who was released instead of Jesus. This serial has very heavy violently scenes. I would like to focus myself on Barabas fillings after he was released and his filing of duty to find out why it was happened. Barabas had described his childhood as very bad. He said: `I have asked for piece of bread and they gave me stones, I have asked for love and they whipped me, so I do not believe to any man anymore, I do not believe in love`.

Because of bad childhood Barabas` was full of unrespecting to anybody and was full of revenge. He did not have a job, had a criminal group and was stilling for life. Also was very aggressive and violent. Did not have any plan for future, expecting to be killed almost every day. He was caught in one theft was in prison and expected to be killed. Accidently he was released. On the trial day it was one Hebrew holiday, Pasha, and Jews had a opportunity to release one prisoner. There were only Jesus and Barabas. Everybody from present crow wanted Barabas to be free.
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She was wondering about sick and homeless. She left her life and went to Jesus. Barabas considered it as very dangerous, because Jewish society was afraid from Jesus followers. Unfortunately Barabas lost her. She was killed by Jewish. It was one more loss in Barabas life. He again found all things around him as injustice. And almost forgot on Jesus. Barabas turned to his old life and criminal. Because it was he. He did not know for anything else. After some time he was caught by authority, and has no opportunity to be free any more. He was sent in prison to rest of his life, in very bad conditions wit piece of brad and water only once a day in cell without light. But in prison with him were other prisoners,

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