Essay on Baptism : The New And Old Testament Of The Bible

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Baptism is mentioned in both the New and Old testament of the bible. Although the term “baptism” was not coined until John the Baptist, the concepts in Leviticus were the same. These ideals consisted of the purification of a persons’ spirit through water. The water washes away a persons’ sins and allows them to emerge a strengthened member of the church. Even though getting baptized is not a prerequisite for the entrance to heaven many feel that it is a necessary step in devoting life to God. A traditional baptism would have taken place in a river or lake but a modern baptism takes place inside. This is due to the new practice of pouring water onto an infant’s forehead in comparison to submerging a persons’ body in water. The product of the ritual is the same but the process has changed. Baptism allows any man, women, or child to enter the Christian church. Since anyone can be baptized it gives faith to many who have lost it.
The concept of a Christian baptism can be derived from Judaism. The Jewish practice was called immersion or ritual washing. During Temple, which is the Jewish house of worship, they would submerge themselves into water and emerge purified. But there are numerous differences in the practice of the ritual that individualize each religion. For instance, Christians typically get baptized once in a life time with the allowance of few exceptions. Judaism on the other hand partakes in immersion on numerous occasions. As early as the new…

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