Baptism Is Necessary For Salvation

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Register to read the introduction… God then said'. This is my son, the beloved! Whom he is well pleased with.' We must not forget that Jesus was without sin and there would be no point in forgiving his sins when he was baptised. Jesus was baptised as an example for us and that we should have our past sins forgiven.

Christians are baptised for many different reasons. These reasons can be found in different parts of the Bible. In Mark 16:15-16 it is shown that baptism is necessary for salvation. In Matthew 28:19-20 it says that baptism should be shown in the name of trinity (father, son and holy spirit). In Luke 24:47 it is shown that forgiveness and repentance should be preached as the faith is spread. Finally in Acts 2:38 it presents a baptism of repentance in Christs' name as necessary for salvation as means to obtain the gift of the Holy Spirit. Basically Baptism could be a sort of test to see if you are a true Christian. Obviously when you are young your parents decide that for you. But if you are old enough to make your own decision then you could be tested. For Believers Baptism every person who is going to
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The priest follows by anointing the person with Chrism, which is a sign that the person is now part of the catholic faith and most importantly Christ. Finally the person receives a candle, which is lit from the Paschal candle is a sign, which will lead you in the good ways of Christ. (624)

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Baptising babies is good in some ways but bad in other ways. I think that every person should have his or her own right to what faith to follow. Baptising babies is good because then they can grow up in the good ways of Christ but you could just as easily take them to church and bring them up in the good ways of God and then when finally they are able to make their own decision they can decide what faith to follow. Then they can get baptised. Plus babies don't really sin so its pointless for having there sins forgiven. I do understand that parents of children may want there babies baptised because it is a family religion or tradition and also the worry of there baby dying while a child. The parents would not know weather the child has gone to heaven or not. But everyone should be free for free choice.

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