Baptism Is An Initiation Into The Christian Faith Essay

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Though the fact remains that we do not ask for this prevenient grace, God knows that we need it, without us asking for it. This carries certain implications too, that we cannot baptize people belonging to other faiths. (46) Stookey delineates the concept by stressing that baptism is an initiation into the Christian faith. He points to the love of God stated as “But God proves his love for us in that while we still were sinners Christ died for us.” as mentioned in (Romans 5:8)
This act of initiation is by God for those that come to abide by understanding of the Christian faith. Dr. Ron delineates that baptism “is God’s covenant. It’s talking about God’s act and then us.” He also pointed out to Wesley’s claim that baptism washes away “the guilt of original sin.”
Stookey points out that baptism is for the committed. The word committed means great significance because it connotes holiness of the sacrament. It is also known as an “elusive quality.” To expound on the concept of who is and should be called “committed” is not without any “worse difficulties.” It is because no one likes to be judged about one’s faith, understanding about God and their walk with God. No one wants to be condemned either for being less ritualistic or less Christian. Therefore, Stookey poses the question “What is faith?” (45) This invites one into another discussion of learning and exploring if baptism makes one more Christian than anything else? The paper will focus on answering questions about…

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