Banning The Use Of Cell Phone While Driving

Register to read the introduction… It’s common of people to use their phone while driving but widely dangerous. Driving while using a cell phone can have your life in danger in a matter of seconds as well as innocent people as well. Banning the use of cell phones while driving should be enforced in full effect, driving and using your cell phone can automatically put your life in danger and possibly life term injury. Throughout the years there has been an increase number of deaths due to the use of cell phones use while driving, they are talking on the phone while driving, texting, or just looking through the cell phone for something. Many innocent people in society as well have been affected by this, they have either been hurt, injured, or have even died because of this incident. …show more content…
More and deaths have been adding up for a simple mistake because of people behind the wheel. A toll of injuries have been noticed because of irresponsible drivers paying attention to their phone and not to the road, causing major accidents with other cars and innocent go buyers. Using a cell phone while driving can lead to accidents, deaths and long-term injuries.

Accidents are common while driving. They can either be minor or a major accident that can possibly result into people not making it. Many car accidents have gone to notice is because of small piece of technology we always carry around, which is our cell phones. Studies have shown a major increase in simple or huge accidents because of lack of attention on the road while driving. That is because of the following, people using their cell phones. Banning this should take place because of the accident can lead to something more worse then just a small

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