Banning Junk Food Should Be Banned Essay

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Junk food has become very popular nowadays. In fact, companies and businesses that distribute junk food have actually gone global. Junk food has versatile availability in the grocery stores, on television, fast food restaurants, and movie theaters. This has drawn much attention to the commodity and junk food has received a lot of scrutiny due to its adverse effects on health. Since fast food offers high palatability, no fiber, a high number of calories in low amounts, high in sugar in liquid form, and high in fat, the discovery provides a solid reason why fast food should be banned in schools (Datar, 2012). Hence, debate has risen on whether mandatory restrictions against taking out junk food in schools should be put in place. This is a question that the government and every parent is asking themselves, however, junk food should be banned from schools for various reasons. As the essay details, banning junk food from schools will benefit everyone as it will reduce the world’s health complications.
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Despite junk food being very popular, everyone has their version on what he or she terms as junk food. For example, to some people, pizza is considered junk food, while to others, it is not. Nonetheless, Pizza can be excluded from the category as it contains nutrients such as tomato sauce and cheese. Moreover, it consists of whole wheat and vegetables as garnish. A good example of junk food could be French fries, which carry a lot of fat…

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