Banning Guns Research Paper

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Banning Guns
Will banning guns really have an impact in the United States? Not much. For over 20 years and until this day banning guns has been a big issue. Not only in the United States but also worldwide. In the Unites States, about 40% of people own a gun. Each year, more than 100,000 people are shot and killed. Couple of states have already banned guns to control this problem. However, within a few years it has worsen the problem. As a result, I believe banning guns should not be processed because it will only worsen the problem.
Banning guns will worsen the problem in different aspects. For example, gang members will always find way to get a gun illegally. They do not care about the law or breaking the law. According to Susan Musser “Breaking the law is their way of living and consequences mean nothing to them.” In addition, people who aren’t part of any gang members will also find a way of getting a gun illegally. Based on the website “Clause” the author argues that these non-related members usually have
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According to the website Rulen, people believe banning guns will decrease the number of deaths each year. Also, people argue that guns aren’t necessary. Others believe that getting rid of guns will decrease the amount of violence each year. In contradictory, I believe banning guns will increase the amount of deaths each year and also the number of violence. In other words, banning guns will only worsen the situation. For example, the Unites States has already banned guns in couple of states. These states are Washington, D.C., and Chicago. Washington’s ban went into effect in the year 1977. After five years, the murder rate increased up to 35 murders per 100,000 people. In the other hand, Chicago banned all guns in 1982. This states also failed in decreasing the number of deaths each year. These two states that banned guns are one of the most dangerous cities in the Unites

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