Banning Cell Phones During Class Essay

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When it comes to teachers, the opinions about this issue vary. Some teachers have no problem with cell phones and allow students to use them in class. Amber Schaefer, an elementary school teacher in Minnesota, says: “We need to stop pushing against the technology and start embracing it. The more we push back, the more we separate ourselves from students. It is time to incorporate and collaborate instead of ban and punish” (Kiema, 2015). Others permit cell phone use only for educational purposes, such as looking up important information. “At Melrose High School, for example, science students use a physics app to collect acceleration data and measure sound intensity, and English students discuss literature on their smartphones. In Burlington, high school Spanish students practice language skills on their iPads by recording their speech and playing it back.” (Matchan, 2015). The third type completely prohibits cell phones during class, since they can promote distraction. Connie Fawcett, a high school teacher in Oklahoma, “can see few positives outcomes for cell phones in the classroom, but it is becoming the new norm. Learning is going to suffer even more. What students gain from using them to support instruction will be lost due to the distraction factor, which appears to be much more appealing and fulfilling to many” (Kiema, 2015).
Despite the opinion of all other groups, the students’ points of view is the most important, since they are directly affected by this issue.…

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