Banning Cell Phones At School Essay

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An Unnecessary Distraction: Banning Cell Phones at School Over the past ten years, smartphones have become more technologically advanced while less expensive to own. Consequently 3 out of 4 students (78% Madden et al. 2) have access to text, photos, and games during class. A school’s top priority is to educate its students while keeping them safe and there is considerable evidence suggesting that phone use during class take more away from these goals than they contribute. Cell phones are distracting, enable cheating, and create harmful shortcuts. A zero-tolerance ban on cell phone use during school hours will improve child education while taking little away from student safety.
Whispering in class, passing notes, and playing tic tac toe with my neighbor were not tolerated when I was in school. Cell phones enable the modern day version with texting, social media, and playing games. This neverending distraction is detrimental to learning. In fact, a study done by Beland and Murphy showed that students using a cell phone while listening to lecture is harming students’ ability to learn. Furthermore, their grades go up by a full 2 percentage points if this multitasking is put to an end by banning phones from schools completely(4-5). Beland and Murphy also found that the lowest performing students were the most affected by using a cell phone during class time (17). Unless a school has a zero-tolerance policy, students will continue to have the distraction of their phone, and…

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