Essay on Banned Books Should Be Taught

719 Words Oct 21st, 2016 3 Pages
The argument of whether or not banned books should be taught has been debated for years upon years. Why not provide a simple solution that allows each individual decide whether or not they are exposed to these “evil” banned books. This solutions involves creating an option for a class that’s curriculum is based on books that have been challenged or that are or have been banned. This class would still complete the mandatory state standards, which would make it comparable to a normal English class. This is a simple middle ground in which these banned books can still be taught with the lessened worry of offending students, parents, etc. Many parents, school systems, scholars, and other critics strongly feel that banned books should be taught to middle school and high school children. The main argument for this is that these students are not at the age in which they are mature enough to understand or fully grasp the intentions and themes of the books. It is said that adolescents are extremely impressionable, and because of this it is believed by some that adolescents should not be exposed to topics and ideas of sex, drugs and alcohol, racism and other prejudices, profanity, etc. Essentially these adults are wanting to shelter their children from these evils that occur in everyday life; it is easy to see how that could be detrimental to adolescents in its own means. I believe that sheltering ones child from every bit of evil in the world can cause more problems than if they…

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