Banksy : An Influential Guerilla Street Artist Of The 21st Century

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Banksy one of the most influential guerilla street artist of the 21st century. Stirring conversational art works bring up thoughts on whether this is art or just vandalism. Media struggles to find what’s so good about Banksy and why satirical art is bad. One of the most recent and popular work that’s filled with satirical art is Dismaland. The purpose of Dismaland was to show over-corporate blandness and to push the boundaries of what is art. Though some critics may think otherwise and believe that sarcasm is just today’s society kitsch. Then Debord critic in The Society of the Spectacle. Banksy provides an experience through his art, his interpretation of the world and a voice for the unspoken.
Banksy is a pseudonym of a guerilla street artist. His real identity is unknown and no one one has seen his face. Very few live interviews have been done; most interviews are done through emails. Even though knowing so little Banksy is believed to be born in Bristol, England. His career began in Bristol 's graffiti gang called DryBreadZ crew around the early 1990s. He 's most known for his controversial stencils and politically themed work. Not only does he do two dimensional art but also installments. Banksy is also known for not selling reproductions. He told The New Yorker by e-mail: “I give away thousands of paintings for free. I don’t think it’s possible to make art about world poverty and trouser all the cash.” The irony, he added, that his anti-establishment art orders…

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