Bank of America or Mcdonald’s Case Study Essay

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Jamelle Reeves
Assignment 1: Bank of America or McDonald’s Case Study
Valencia Westray-Miller
HRM532 Talent Management

Bank of America's talent management program led to success for the company Bank of America's executive performance and retention strategy breaks down into the objectives set out in Figure 2.1 (Fisher and Congel, 2009, p. 22), 'attract, retain and develop great leaders.' This process occurs in distinct phases over the first 36 months of executive promotion but begins even before the new hire, if 'attracting great leaders' requires
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This midpoint assessment identifies potential threats or weaknesses before they show up on the balance sheet and end up in costly derailment of the new executive. After four months, the new leader, staff and superiors have had the time to identify patterns that can either be enhanced or improved, with the validity of a large enough sample to provide meaningful-enough feedback for the new executive and the senior partners who oversee them (Fisher and Congel, 2009, p. 30). This cyclical feedback process culminates once the new executive has completed a full performance cycle and demonstrated achievement in the objectives identified through the prior 4 two stakeholder review processes (Fisher and Congel, 2009, p. 31). This similar facilitated discussion complements official review by superiors and inputs ongoing feedback into future achievement, both completing and re-initiating another of the "360-degree" cycles that have sustained Bank of America's domination of an intensely competitive industry. This cyclical integration provides "rich, candid and ongoing

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